Unsettling Relatives: Spirits & Elusive Creatures in Oceti Sakowin Territory & BeyondListen now (13 min) | Call for Submissions from Oceti Sakowin Oyate Writers Society

October 2022

A Sharpening of the Already PresentListen now (24 min) | Apocalypse and Radical Hope

March 2022

Opening Remarks, Unsettling Genealogies Forum

February 2022

Love in the Promiscuous StyleListen now (55 min) | Unsettling Settler Love
Tell Me a Story: Genomics vs. Indigenous Origin NarrativesListen now (18 min) | Indigenous critics worry--for good reason--that an insidious sort of racism persists in some genomic research, especially when its…
Prairie Relations 100sListen now (30 min) | In October 2013, in my first year of polyamory practice, I began writing a blog, The Critical Polyamorist. Posts began as personal…

January 2022

Beyond Indigenous Performance to Life and Land BackListen now (39 min) | Everything within a settler colonial society strains to destroy or assimilate the Native in order to disappear them from the land…

October 2021

Gaudy Drapes and the Comfort of SnowplowsListen now (11 min) | I woke up this morning full-on sobbing. Bright sun fingers poking into my Edmonton bedroom with its blood red blinds and red…
Five Hypotheses about Covid-19Listen now (43 min) | Denial, Outrage, Risk Fatigue, Stealth Vaccinators, and Relational Risk Assessment

September 2021

Indigenous “Race Shifting” Red Flags Listen now (42 min) | A Quick Primer for Reporters and Others

August 2021

Couple-centricity, Polyamory and ColonialismListen now (20 min) | Originally published on July 27, 2014 on The Critical Polyamorist blog
Hotels, Ghosts, Characters & ColonizersListen now (14 min) | CMC (Indigenous Anthro) Mom's Leadville Observations