Post-Covid, perimenopausal polyamorist

Listen now (8 min) | Note: Tonight’s post is an effort to write something not involving research and peer review, a goal I had when starting Unsettle. I wanted to use this platform to get ideas down on the e-page more quickly. ———— Much has shifted since March of 2020 in my polyamorist practice. Back then I was in one relaxed, long-distance relationship, two on-again, off-again relationships with partners in Edmonton and Calgary, and my one steady and deeply attached relationship with my main partner in Edmonton. He and I celebrated our three-year anniversary in April of this year. Our relationship just seems to get better as time goes on. I’ve never had such an easily vulnerable and affectionate romantic relationship. The only persons I’ve doted on as much have been the children in my life. And no, he does not act like a child. He’s intellectually and physically competent, self-reliant, and impressively mature.

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