Another great piece. Thank you for it. As a settler, I keep learning so much from listening in to Indigenous-to-Indigenous conversation, asking--what does this mean for how I can well orient. I think, for example, about how I might be, unwittingly or not, imposing "identity" (as individualization) on others inseparably from how I think about myself in relation. (I think I actually stammer in conversations when I am doing this! But, then, too, I am weird. LOL.) At the same time, am I respecting others' relations and ecologies of values, which might also call for boundaries that create, if not an identity, an inside and outside, ephemerally (or not). Even as I type, though, I am thinking now--what if I try another slant...not inside and out, but just...different...I am still reflecting on your piece, and, will be...Well, that is largely what I wanted to thank you for, too!

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